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Blaupunkt Tooth Irrigator DIR501 Timer / 150ML / 3 working modes (BLAUPUNKT DIR501)

85,98 лв
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Blaupunkt Tooth Irrigator DIR501 Timer / 150ML / 3 working modes (BLAUPUNKT DIR501)

98,01 лв
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Blaupunkt Tooth Irrigator DIR501 Timer / 150ML / 3 working modesDescriptionTooth Irrigator DIR501 Irrigator is a device used to maintain proper oral hygiene, which is a perfect complement to traditional brushing and is a great replacement for many threads of dental care. Due to the fact that many bacteria that cause dental problems and bad breath are in hard to reach places and interdental spaces, ordinary brushes, both manual and electric ones, do not always manage to completely remove them. The high-quality irrigator DIR501 by Blaupunkt is doing very well with this task. EXACT CLEANINGThe device effectively removes impurities and bacteria, thanks to the high water pressure, which should be poured into a suitable container. The next step is to select the appropriate program, turn on the device and apply the nozzle from which the liquid is extracted to the surface being cleaned. Appropriate water pressure effectively rinses contaminants and food residue, leaving the mouth, especially interdental spaces, perfectly clean. The pressure can be adjusted in the range of 40-90PSI, and the effective water pump will allow up to 1,400 pulsation per minute. 3 WORKING MODESIrrigator DIR501 can work in three modes. The first of them - delicate, is intended mainly for people with exposed dental necks and hypersensitivity. The stream released by the irrigator nozzles has less pressure and does not cause any irritation of the gums. The second mode - everyday, is intended for the majority of users, and the device retains optimal work parameters in it. The last mode - pulsating is characterized by different strength of the stream for even better cleaning efficiency. CONVENIENCE OF USEThe device has been equipped with a two-minute timer, thanks to which the user knows how much time should be spent on cleaning. A solid, ergonomic casing ensures a comfortable grip of the device during operation, and its modern design will please the eye of the aesthetes. The irrigator is a wireless device, which has a positive effect on the comfort of work. The 150 ml water tank will not need to be topped up too often. BETTER FOR THE ORAL HYGIENEIncluded with the irrigator are two replaceable nozzles, available in the Blaupunkt brand offer as an additional accessory ACC026. Today, forget about the dental floss and see how effective the mouth is cleaning the DIR501 irrigator!Характеристики
Pressure control:Да
Levels of control:3
Max pressure:90 psi
Water container capacity:150 ml
Accessories included:Накрайник (replaceable, ACC026 accessory available) x 2
Other features:Dynamic cleaning of interdental spaces 3 режими на работа: gentle, everyday и pulsating Two minute timer Effective water pump up to 1,400 pulsations / minute Wireless

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